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Why is an editor required.

Alfred875 on 14.04.2019 19:57

I have a Masters degree in English creative writing from the University of Central Florida, and I have taught English composition at Valencia College level for eleven years. Why are my books automatically rejected for promotion because I don't have an editor? If you question the quality of my writing, take a free look at the book on Amazon and make an informed decision, but please don't reject my work because I didn't pay a "Professional" editor who probably knows less about writing than I do to review my work.

Patsy Collins on 15.04.2019 11:05

As I understand it, books aren't automatically rejected simply because the author doesn't provide a link to a professional editor, it's just that they're less likely to be accepted?

Rosen Trevithick on 19.04.2019 19:38
Rosen Trevithick

Editors are a second pair of eyes, no matter how good your standard of English.

This is a free to submit service so we don't have the resources to review samples, I'm afraid.

Patsy Collins on 20.04.2019 09:07

We definitely need others to read our work prior to publication. Maybe there are a few rare individuals who can spot all their own errors and accurately interpret reader reaction to every aspect of the storyline, but I've not yet met anyone like that.

I don't always use a professional editing service, but I do have my work beta read by writers familiar with my genre, and proofread. Both are valuable and improve the finised work.

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