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Patsy Collins

Mostly swans around in a campervan making stuff up and writing it down.

Patsy Collins lives and writes on the south coast of England, although she does tend to swan off in a campervan fairly frequently. In her defence she often writes in the locations her stories are set.

Patsy is the author of hundreds of published short stories, five novels, sixteen themed collections and half of a writing guide.

When she's not writing she likes gardening, photography and cake eating. She shares her home with her husband and head with her characters.

Latest Drabble

Little Savage

She stared fascinated as his sharp little teeth ripped at the chunk of fresh, red flesh. The sight appalled her, yet she could not look away. Sally knew she dare not take her eyes of him, not even for a moment.

Holding the skin firmly, he feasted on the juicy interior. Greedily he bit off chunks; eating noisily and chuckling with pleasure. He wiped his hand across his face, dispersing the crimson liquid that ran freely from his mouth.

What a savage little monster, thought Sally as she watched her two year old son eat his first slice of watermelon.

Escape to the...

Escape to the Country was featured in the daily newsletter.

Patsy Collins likes
27.04.2019 10:13

Patsy Collins likes Keep It In The Family by Patsy Collins.

Keep It In The...

Keep It In The Family was featured in the daily newsletter.

23.04.2019 10:31

Posted in the thread Signing up for emails


I've tried several times to sign up for the daily bargain email, but don't recieve it.

When I enter my address and press enter I get sent to a page giving me the option to View Profile, Edit Profile Sections etc, but can't see...

20.04.2019 09:07

Posted in the thread Why is an editor required.

We definitely need others to read our work prior to publication. Maybe there are a few rare individuals who can spot all their own errors and accurately interpret reader reaction to every aspect of the storyline, but I've not yet met anyone...

15.04.2019 12:07

Posted in the thread Welcome

Thank you for featuring my book today!

15.04.2019 11:05

Posted in the thread Why is an editor required.

As I understand it, books aren't automatically rejected simply because the author doesn't provide a link to a professional editor, it's just that they're less likely to be accepted?

Not a Drop to...

Not a Drop to Drink was featured in the daily newsletter.

08.04.2019 10:01

Posted in the thread Can I upload my photo?

It's under Settings / edit profile sections / profile picture

08.04.2019 10:00

Posted in the thread Can I upload my photo?

Not sure if this link will work or you'll need to be logged in as me to see it

03.04.2019 07:35

Posted in the thread Can I upload my photo?

I've tried to upload my photo, but after I've selected it and clicked 'upload' a message appears saying 'no longer possible'.

Am I doing something wrong, or has this feature been disabled?

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29.03.2019 10:24

Patsy Collins likes Free to Be Tegan by Mary Grand.

Patsy Collins likes
29.03.2019 10:24

Patsy Collins likes Catching the Light by Mary Grand.