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Offers from Historical -> 19th Century

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Bargain Book
The Water Gypsy by Kay Seeley

The Water Gypsy

by Kay Seeley

When Tilly Thompson, a girl from the canal, is caught stealing a pie, the intervention of Captain Charles Thackery, saves her from prison. Tilly soon finds out the real reason for the rescue.

With the Captain Tilly sees life away from the poverty and hardships of the Waterways but his favour stirs up jealousy and hatred among the hotel staff, especially Freddie, the stable boy who harbours desires of his own...

(Last checked : 01/01/1970 01:00)

Bargain Book
Tizzie by P.D.R. Lindsay


by p.d.r. lindsay-salmon

There's no slavery in the Yorkshire Dales, not in 1887. But loving families use artful schemes to enslave the innocent. Twenty nine year-old Tizzie was such an innocent, now she yearns to be free.

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Expired Offer
The Guardian Angel by Kay Seeley

The Guardian Angel

by Kay Seeley

When Nell Draper leaves the workhouse to care for the five-year-old son of Lord Eversham, a wealthy landowner, she has no idea of the heartache that lies ahead of her.

Robert can’t speak. He can’t tell her what makes him happy or sad.

Not everyone is happy about Robert’s existence.

Can Nell save him from a desolate future, secure his inheritance and ensure he takes his rightful place in society? A Love Story

Offer Expired: £2.99

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Expired Offer
The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

The Luminaries

by Eleanor Catton

It is 1866, and Walter Moody has come to make his fortune upon the New Zealand goldfields. On arrival, he stumbles across a tense gathering of twelve local men, who have met in secret to discuss a series of unsolved crimes. A wealthy man has vanished, a whore has tried to end her life, and an enormous fortune has been discovered in the home of a luckless drunk. Moody is soon drawn into the mystery: a network of fates and fortunes that is as complex and exquisitely patterned as the night...

Offer Expired: £1.09

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Expired Offer
Victoria by Daisy Goodwin


by Daisy Goodwin

In June 1837, the eighteen-year-old Victoria wakes up to find that she is Queen of the most powerful nation in the world. But will she be queen in her own right, or a puppet controlled by her mother and the sinister Sir John Conroy? Can this tiny girl prevail against the men who believe that women are too hysterical to rule?

Everyone wants her to get married, but Victoria has no intention of entering into a marriage of convenience with her cousin Albert, a shy bookworm who...

Offer Expired: 99p

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Expired Offer
The Dirigible King's Daughter by Alys West

The Dirigible King's Daughter

by Alys West

When Harriet Hardy moved to Whitby, newly famous from Mr Stoker’s sensational book, she thought she’d left her past and her father’s disgrace behind her. But then an amorous Alderman and a mysterious Viscount turn her life upside down and she’s never been more grateful that she doesn’t leave home without her pistol.

But when defending her honour lands her with an attempted murder charge, Harriet’s only option is to turn to...

Offer Expired: 99p

(Last checked : )

Expired Offer
Hooks  by VL McBeath


by V L McBeath

Begin an epic saga of trials, tragedies and triumphs as one family seek their fortune in Victorian Era England.

To start again, Mary must leave the past behind…

When grieving widow Mary Jackson moves to the town of Birmingham, she hopes to put her troubled past behind her. Desperate for money, and yearning for the love she lost, she is forced to make a choice. Can she put the past behind her? And will it give her the future she hopes...

Offer Expired: £2.49

(Last checked : )

Expired Offer
Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

Eye of the Needle

by Ken Follett

His weapon is the stiletto, his codename: The Needle. He is Henry Faber, a coldly professional killer and Germany's most feared deep-cover agent in Britain. His task: to discover the Allies' plans for D-Day, and get them to Germany at all costs. It's a task he undertakes with customary relish and ruthlessness - until he encounters Storm Island, and a woman called Lucy . . .

Offer Expired: £1.39

(Last checked : )

Expired Offer
Limelight (Penny Green Series Book 1) by Emily Organ

(Penny Green Series Book 1)

by Emily Organ

How did an actress die twice?

London, 1883. Actress Lizzie Dixie drowned in the River Thames, so how was she murdered five years later in Highgate Cemetery?

Intrepid Fleet Street reporter Penny Green was a friend of Lizzie’s and Scotland Yard needs her help. Does Penny unwittingly hold clues to Lizzie’s mysterious death? Penny must work with Inspector James Blakely to investigate the worlds of theatre, showmen and...

Offer Expired: Free

(Last checked : )

Expired Offer
Our Eternal Curse: Another Tribe by Simon Rumney

Our Eternal Curse: Another Tribe

by Simon Rumney

Julii, a beautiful, insecure and victimized Tennessee Indian is caught up in the white man's world after saving the life of a Confederate captain wounded at the battle of Shiloh.

Overcoming great disadvantage, cruel prejudice and bitter persecution, Julii harnesses her intrinsic genius to become the Confederate States’ most aggressive blockade-runner while instigating General Sherman's burning of Atlanta and his infamous “March to the sea”.

Offer Expired: £2.33

(Last checked : )

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