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RUNNER-book submission

Bookworm12338 on 22.11.2017 20:48

your site is refusing my ASIN. I've tried 3 different ways, thinking maybe the zero is an O or the 1 is an I. Can't think of what else to try!

Rosen Trevithick on 26.11.2017 10:11
Rosen Trevithick

It could be that Amazon's API was down or we'd made more than our allotted calls when you tried to submit your book. What it its ASIN, please?

Bookworm12338 on 27.11.2017 20:55


Rosen Trevithick on 28.11.2017 17:53
Rosen Trevithick

I've added it manually. Are you able to see it now?

Bookworm12338 on 28.11.2017 19:10

When I search for RUNNER, Marie Ann Phillip I'm told there are no results. I appreciate your patience!

Rosen Trevithick on 30.11.2017 10:44
Rosen Trevithick

Where are you searching, please? What are you trying to do?

Bookworm12338 on 30.11.2017 19:02

"search site- keyword" I typed in Runner, Marie Ann Phillip and clicked search to see if a potential reader can locate my book. "no results found" was the response.

Rosen Trevithick on 02.12.2017 11:51
Rosen Trevithick

Has your book been selected for the newsletter in the past? Books don't usually appear in the search unless they're been featured. This is because spammers were filling the site with books we didn't want on the site.

Bookworm12338 on 04.12.2017 19:00

No, RUNNER has not been featured yet. Thank you for explaining ! Marie Ann Phillip

Bookworm12338 on 30.04.2018 20:24

Hi Book Hippo! Just checking to see if RUNNER is close to being featured. She is feeling a bit neglected here across the pond. What is the usual wait time? Sincerely, Marie Ann Phillip

Rosen Trevithick on 01.05.2018 10:11
Rosen Trevithick

We compile the newsletter the morning it's sent out, so I we don't plan features in advance.

Bookworm10978 on 24.07.2019 11:09

Hi. Although I've been with Bookhippo for some time and everything has been great, I am now not receiving anything at all. Please can you help. I really miss my daily newsletter. Thank you.

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