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Athenian Steel (The Hellennium Book 1)This thread relates to the book
Athenian Steel (The Hellennium Book 1)
by P.K. Lentz

pklentz on 02.07.2017 07:54


Although this book doesn't technically have a pro editor, it was represented by R. Galen, the longtime literary agent of Diana (Outlander) Gabaldon, among many other bestselling authors. He walked me though two drafts before accepting the manuscript.

Thanks & best,


Rosen Trevithick on 02.07.2017 12:23
Rosen Trevithick

Thanks for this information.

Please can you explain what you mean by 'walked me through two drafts'?

pklentz on 03.07.2017 03:31

I sent it in as a submission to his agency. He pulled it from the slushpile read the first draft, gave me tons of notes, read the revision, gave me a ton more notes, and then on the third draft, caught some typos and agreed to represent it. He pitched it to all the Big Five publishers and some mid-size ones, but they ended up passing. He had told me it might be a tough sell to editors because it's not easy to classify, and that turned out to be true. Given that he's a millionaire from his commission on Outlander alone, never mind Harry Turtledove, Terry Goodkind, Taylor Anderson and a slew of others, his (free) attention was immensely valuable.

It just hit #1 in Amazon UK's Alternate History charts, so I've decided to extend the 0.78 price another day. Whether or not you choose it, cheers!

Last edited: 03.07.2017 03:33

Rosen Trevithick on 04.07.2017 10:06
Rosen Trevithick

That sounds like editing to me. Please but the name and link to the literary editor in the relevant fields when you submit your book.

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