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P.K. Lentz


I like "heroes" who don't qualify for the use of that term. No, not anti-heroes, but broken or defective protagonists who have as many flaws as they do positive traits. If Chapter One describes a character who has sixty-two medals, ten commendations, a clean haircut, and was drummed out of the Space Marines for having the gall to outshine his superiors, well, he better be a bloodstain by Chapter Two, because I have zero interest in reading about that guy. And I would never...

Posted in the thread
03.07.2017 03:31

Posted in the thread Note to curators

I sent it in as a submission to his agency. He pulled it from the slushpile read the first draft, gave me tons of notes, read the revision, gave me a ton more notes, and then on the third draft, caught some typos and agreed to represent it. He...

Posted in the thread
02.07.2017 07:54

Posted in the thread Note to curators


Although this book doesn't technically have a pro editor, it was represented by R. Galen, the longtime literary agent of Diana (Outlander) Gabaldon, among many other bestselling authors. He walked me though two drafts before...

Posted in the thread
02.07.2017 07:10

Posted in the thread Profile photo update not working

Yes, it looks correct after a day or so. Maybe a caching issue. Thanks!

Posted in the thread
29.06.2017 21:37

Posted in the thread Profile photo update not working

Hi! The first profile pic I uploaded was sideways, and I've tried a bunch of times to update it, including with different photos altogether. The upload works and gives confirmation, with the "you may have to refresh the page" note, but even...