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Murder MelangeThis thread relates to the book
Murder Melange
by A Woodley

A.Woodley on 02.06.2017 03:53

I'm wondering if any of my books submitted are visible to anyone else.

I can find all of them in my profile but in my 'Your submissions' it shows as '0' and I can't find them anywhere on the site outside of my profile, where they're listed as 'claimed'.

The search brings me to my books but nobody is going to search for them unless they know they're there.

I feel invisible :)

Rosen Trevithick on 02.06.2017 09:57
Rosen Trevithick

Thanks for the reports.

Where on the site are you expecting to see your books, please?

A.Woodley on 02.06.2017 12:11

Hi, I just imagined there would be a genre menu where readers could find them, as there is a 'reader' heading :)

A.Woodley on 02.06.2017 12:13

I can actually see my Witch Spelling book on the side bar now, thank you :)

Rosen Trevithick on 03.06.2017 11:44
Rosen Trevithick

We used to have genre listings but people didn't use them.

Yes, authors who contribute to the forum get free advertising in that thread's sidebar.

A.Woodley on 04.06.2017 14:57

Thank you for the info, much appreciated :)

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