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A. Woodley


Born in London (South East) many moons ago (1954) & now living in the land of the concrete cows & roundabouts (we're famous for both) in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK.

I started writing poetry & children's books so long ago but did nothing with them.

The children's books need illustrations & that is far beyond my capabilities.

The poetry sat in folders, unattended & forgotten for the most part until I recently came across some publishing info online.

I decided to dig...

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It was busy in the town centre market and it was becoming increasingly more difficult to fight our way through the crowds. It was almost impossible to get close to any of the stalls and if we did manage that, then anything we had our eye on was quickly snatched up by another customer who just happened to get in there first. It was so frustrating and the heat from the sun overhead was unbearable, making us wear our angry faces. A man held out a leaflet to us and Rob said angrily “No thanks, just throw it away yourself."

A. Woodley likes the drabble
11.06.2017 03:09

A. Woodley likes the drabble Murphy's Law by Kath Middleton.

A. Woodley likes the drabble
04.06.2017 15:16

A. Woodley likes the drabble A Big Achievement by Rosen Trevithick.

04.06.2017 15:05

Posted in the thread What features would you like to see added to this forum?

Possibly the option to reply directly to a particular poster?

There's like/dislike and report but no 'reply to this post' with the ability to quote the post in the reply.

It could add some good discussions. :)

A. Woodley likes the post
04.06.2017 14:59

A. Woodley likes the post Great! You can never have enough forums to enjoy! by David Haynes.

04.06.2017 14:57

Posted in the thread Submitted?

Thank you for the info, much appreciated :)

02.06.2017 12:13

Posted in the thread Submitted?

I can actually see my Witch Spelling book on the side bar now, thank you :)

02.06.2017 12:11

Posted in the thread Submitted?

Hi, I just imagined there would be a genre menu where readers could find them, as there is a 'reader' heading :)

02.06.2017 03:53

Posted in the thread Submitted?

I'm wondering if any of my books submitted are visible to anyone else.

I can find all of them in my profile but in my 'Your submissions' it shows as '0' and I can't find them anywhere on the site outside of my profile, where they're...

A. Woodley likes the drabble
30.05.2017 18:31

A. Woodley likes the drabble The naughty seat by Ken Magee.