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Unexpected review count when submitting offer

Bookworm2069 on 02.09.2016 22:30

I submitted a novel, which has 156 reviews on Amazon (average of 4.5) and I got a pop-up which stated 'based on 6 5-star reviews' (or something like that), 'we suggest you wait until you have more reviews.' Not sure what to do with that... I was looking for a better 'contact us' page, but just found this forum.

-Mark Wayne McGinnis

Author of 14 books, with Mad Powers (Tapped In Series, Book 1), being the book that was submitted.

Bookworm2069 on 03.09.2016 00:43

Is there a moderator that can answer why this pop up occurred? As stated above the book submitted has 156 review... not 6. Any help figuring this out would be great. Thank you!

Anna Faversham on 03.09.2016 18:49
Anna Faversham

I'm not a moderator, but I suspect your reviews are .com ones? If so, this site is one of the few which selects reviews from

I'm English and I have better reviews in the UK than in the US but when I submit to US sites, they choose to advertise my US reviews. So it works both ways, I'm afraid. Don't give up though. This is a very good site.

Rosen Trevithick on 05.09.2016 11:59
Rosen Trevithick

We use a forum for customer support is so that other authors can benefit from our responses. Indeed, other American authors often raise the same point as you. We also find that a forum gets authors the quickest responses, because other authors can reply, as Anna has.

Anna is correct. Whilst your book has 156 reviews in the US. It has 6 in the UK. We are a UK site therefore our decisions are based on the UK reaction to your book.

There is a notice explaining this on the same page as the message you saw. It is highlighted in green and says, "Please note: our assessments are based on UK reviews because we are a UK-based site." However, these messages are easy to miss when people have dozens of promotion sites to work through.

We understand that many successful American authors are trying to break into the UK market, so we quite often feature books with just a few reviews, to give them a chance of gathering the momentum they've enjoyed on other Amazon stores. But we do prioritise authors who are popular in the UK as it helps to redress the skew created by most of the newsletters being centred on

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any more concerns. We really appreciate feedback.

Bookworm2069 on 05.09.2016 23:47

Rosen and Anna,

Thank you for the clarification... That makes sense!

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