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New Smelly Troll book with a difference

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Rosen Trevithick

Rosen Trevithick on 20.07.2015 15:38
Rosen Trevithick

I'm in the process of editing a troll book with a difference - you get to decide how it ends.

Set in the mountains during a school trip, the readers gets to make many important decisions, including whether to rescue the snivelling coward Howie, whether to tackle trolls head on, and whether to let out a bottom burp or keep it in.

More details coming soon.

Michael Brookes on 25.07.2015 09:09
Michael Brookes

Does it work like the old game books? I've always wanted to write one of those :-)

Rosen Trevithick on 25.07.2015 19:10
Rosen Trevithick

It's like a 'Choose Your Own Adventure', although I believe that term is copyrighted. I think 'Fighting Fantasy' books were a similar thing.

Michael Brookes on 25.07.2015 20:13
Michael Brookes

That's what I was thinking about - maybe I could do Paradise Lost as a choose your own adventure :-)

Dave Haynes on 25.07.2015 20:44
Dave Haynes

I remember those books! I had a couple and they were great fun. I think it's a great idea, Rosen!

Rosen Trevithick on 25.07.2015 22:37
Rosen Trevithick

Michael, you could. Some guys did Hamlet.

Last edited: 25.07.2015 22:38

Nic on 09.08.2015 10:51

I grew up on FF books. My absolute favourite was Deathtrap Dungeon. Which it seems is being made into a film

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