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Fantastic Mix of Fantasy and Reality

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper: (The Elves of Eytherfel Book 1)This thread relates to the book
Dreams of Beautiful Whisper: (The Elves of Eytherfel Book 1)
by Tanya Jones

Bookworm4247 on 25.09.2015 17:48

As a grandmother of teenagers I loved the way this book had positive role-models and set the scene for exploring new and alternate problem solving skills. Are you tired of the role-models for your teens that use shock factors to get their attention?

Bookworm3844 on 25.09.2015 19:54

I completely agree! And I really liked how it wasn't preachy or an excessively warm and fuzzy type style. It was more natural as though it's just the way people are (or perhaps should be). I get so tired of some of the shows that my teens end up watching where it seems to be perfectly acceptable to insult each other as a display of affection. My kids will often say "ya but I know that's not right mom" - yet when I listen to them interacting with their friends they're displaying the exact same behaviour without even realizing and if I point it out they just say "oh we don't mean anything by it mom" ... point in case, they're picking up unfavourable behaviours without even being aware that they're doing it. I'd love to see more entertainment like Dreams of Beautiful Whisper that give teens that same sort of osmosis style influence of being respectful and compassionate.

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