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Hall of Fame

Best Drabble (Most Liked) - Page 2


Not Taking the Fifth

“D’you know why I stopped you, sir?”

“Nope,” I said. “Wasn't really concentrating.”

“Not concentrating?”

“Too busy texting.”

“Texting, were we?”

“Yep, about the weed.”

“Cannabis user?”

“Nope,” I said, “grower and seller. I used to just grow but my partner died so now I sell too.”

“Mmmm,” said the cop, “I stopped you for doing thirty-eight in a thirty zone.”

“Not the murder?”

“You really shouldn't take the piss, but my shift’s about over and who needs the paperwork? On your way and drive carefully.”

“Thanks,” I said as I wondered where to bury the body in the boot.

Ken Magee Merits

9 most prolific3 most esteemed4 top drabble9 top drabblist


The newspaper headline proclaimed, in big bold capitals, ‘Punch in head turns man into maths genius’. The article told how a college dropout who’d suffered a brain injury in a mugging had emerged from a coma to find himself transformed into an academic egghead.

Debates raged.

Cynics pooh-poohed the report. Theologians discussed miracles. Neurologists explored theories about brain re-wiring. Prison reformers considered the possibilities of the baton as a method of rehabilitation. Lexicographers devised another three letter acronym… ASS - acquired savant syndrome.

Thugs, on the other hand, invented a new threat. ‘Hey pal, do you want to be Einstein?’

Ken Magee Merits

9 most prolific3 most esteemed4 top drabble9 top drabblist

Murphy's Law

Paddy Murphy was making some toast for his breakfast when he dropped it. It landed butter side up. He got the local priest in to confirm it was a miracle as toast always lands butter side down. The priest felt quite unequal to the job of deciding, so he called for the bishop. The bishop questioned Murphy to ensure he hadn't flipped the toast over. Impressed, the bishop sent for an expert from Rome. A member of the curial office came to examine the case in detail. Eventually he made his decision. Paddy Murphy must have buttered the wrong side.

Kath Middleton Merits

3 most prolific1 most esteemed7 top drabble18 top drabblist

Over The Top

We wait, trembling with anticipation, as shortly we will launch a surprise attack.

We are as strong as they are weak, and thus we plunder, to prove that we are the masters.

A ripple, a surge, and we move out en-masse.

Silence reigns supreme as rank after rank of our army moves closer.

We reach our goal!

They counter attack!

Fight or die!

I fight!

The living and dying scream aloud, as the hellish battle unfolds.

A snap, a crunch and the claw of the termite embraces me.

I shall not return to the ant hill.

Rick Haynes Merits

16 most prolific15 most esteemed15 top drabble10 top drabblist

The Book Signing

“Who to?” he asked, before each left holding a signed copy of his latest thriller.

It was late and he was tiring when a young man presented himself at the signing table.

“Who to?”

“Your killer.”

Thoughts raced through his mind as he sat there paralysed. Who knew he was having an affair with his publisher? Who could possibly know that the masterpiece he’d just published was the idea of another? Had someone finally discovered he’d literally murdered his way onto the bestseller list?

Eventually, the young man showed his travel pass to aid the author.

York Hiller, it read.

Jonathan Hill Merits

5 most prolific2 most esteemed1 top drabble7 top drabblist

The International Drabble Championships

“The one hundred finest drabble writers from around the world gathered today in this hall to participate in the International Drabble Championships. Each of you produced your best drabble under examination conditions within the ten minute timeframe. Your entries have been read, reread and assessed and I am pleased to announce that we have settled on a winner. Now, it will come as no surprise to you that this final prize-giving speech has been carefully written to clock in at one hundred words. No more, no less! So, without further ado, I am pleased to announce that the winner is

Jonathan Hill Merits

5 most prolific2 most esteemed1 top drabble7 top drabblist

Delays Possible

How long had she been sitting in this traffic jam? She tapped the steering wheel with impatient fingers, shooting a glance at the dashboard clock. She was due at the meeting in ten minutes and she’d allowed plenty of time. Bloody traffic! Delays possible? Definitely!

It took an hour for the fire brigade to cut him out of the wreckage. The paramedics had given him a jab and he could see but not feel the mangled mess that was his legs. He was due at the airport in an hour. The skiing holiday was off for good. Delays possible? Forever.

Kath Middleton Merits

3 most prolific1 most esteemed7 top drabble18 top drabblist

Re-engineering the Corporate Paradigm

The boss brought up the next Powerpoint slide. “We need to get the monkey off our backs, get a heads-up on the benchmarks, hit the ground running and then belly up to the bar, while all swinging from the same branch,” he explained.

“What’s he on about?” Mike surreptitiously whispered to his neighbour.

“I think he’s coming out,” Helen whispered back.

The boss continued, “This will call for maximising one-to-one interfaces to explore non-vertical relationships while implementing state of the art, bespoke metrics to productise both front and back-end client experiences.”

“Hey, you’re right!” Mike whispered excitedly.

“It’s a gift.”

Richard Martinus Merits

19 most prolific7 most esteemed6 top drabble8 top drabblist

Taking the Lead

I took my lead from him, unshed tears blurred my vision.

“It was his time,” he said.

The floodgates burst open and my uncontrollable sobbing started. Shoulders shuddering and heaving, I felt his arms pull me into the warmest hug I’ve felt since my dear wife passed away.

“It really was his time.”

He may have been right but neither his words nor his arms did anything to ease my grief.

I shuffled and stumbled to the door, avoiding the looks of the others in the waiting area. They knew the significance of leaving the vet’s with an empty lead.

Ken Magee Merits

9 most prolific3 most esteemed4 top drabble9 top drabblist

Here Be Dragons

"Mummy, I'm scared. There's a dragon!"

"Don't be silly, sweetheart. There's no such thing."

"But I can see it. It's breathing smoke, look!"

"I can't look when I'm driving, sweet."

"It's puffing out lots of smoke. It might be waking up."

"Oh, that'll be the cooling towers. We always pass them on the way to Granddad's. We'll be there soon. We could play a game?"

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with... D"

"There are no dragons. I've told you."

As they drove into the golden evening, scaly wings stretched and a huge red eye watched them pass.

Kath Middleton Merits

3 most prolific1 most esteemed7 top drabble18 top drabblist

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