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One of Our Featured Books
Blood Mist (Eve Clay) by Mark Roberts

Blood Mist
(Eve Clay)

by Mark Roberts

Every night a family dies.

While a blizzard rages through the streets of Liverpool, a family of six are being slaughtered in their beds. Their mutilated bodies have been dragged onto the landing to form a strange pattern. None of the neighbours heard a sound.

Every day she tries to save them.

DCI Eve Clay is at a loss. Who would risk capture to arrange their victims so precisely? Somewhere in her mind, a long-buried...

Kindle 99p Google £297.52 iBooks £4.99 Kobo £4.07
(Last checked : 25/10/2016 11:12)
Latest Crowd-Written Story

Emu - A Crowd-Written Story

The story below is intended to be written collaboratively, by anybody who happens to pop by. To edit, log in / sign up to


You may edit, embellish or cut text from the story above with the only goal being to make it better.

Please be respectful of other people's work. Don't delete or replace parts if there's a way to make them work.

The Story

Emu - A Crowd-Written Story

Looking through the gap in the corrugated iron, she could see that she'd been wrong about Frank. The Vauxhall, the handbag, the faint smell of hot dogs ... It all pointed to one thing. But to admit this, and on this day of all days, would have repercussions she simply wasn't ready to face. So, with the feather gripped tightly in both hands, she slowly walked away.

"Cop out!" she heard, muttered under an old man's breath....

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