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Online discussion forums such as Kindle Users Forum, UK Amazon Kindle Forum and KBoards are very popular among readers and authors alike. They can be fantastic places to meet people and discuss all aspects of writing and publishing.

General tips

  • Familiarise yourself with forum guidelines, their preferences vary greatly
  • Introduce yourself. Often there's a dedicated section for welcoming new members.
  • Respect others. Don't use language that people might find offensive. Be polite at all times.
  • Participate without excessively promoting your book. Think about what you can do for the forum instead of what the forum can do for you.
  • Offer advice but without being patronising. Assess the level of knowledge and experience in a group before giving advice.
  • Ask questions. It's a great way to get people to engage with you and will help with you build knowledge and experience.
  • Don't get dragged into heated arguments. Online, differences of opinions can quickly escalate. Know when to walk away.
  • When it's time to promote your book, check whether the forum has a particular area they'd like you to post to, and what format they prefer.


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