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Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It works on the principle of forming connection between people, which are then used to share content within a specific audience. It is a very powerful tool for authors because it allows you to share information about your books with a targeted audience.

Getting the most from Facebook

Set up a personal profile and author an author page

Your Facebook profile is like a hub for your personal activity. You should use this to share information related to your non-writing life including any personal data that you don't mind sharing with people you know well. Your Facebook profile should be set up under your real name, regardless of whether you write under a pseudonym.

An author page is different from a profile. Rather than being restricted to people you know, a page is usually visible to everybody. You can restrict audiences and block people, but generally, you should see a Facebook page as a public document. Your author page is the place to put any information relating to your author life, that you wish to share with a wide audience. Your author page should be given the name you write under.

Make friends

Facebook allows you to make connections with other people, known as friendships. There are many ways to find friends on Facebook, including importing contacts from email and searching by school. You can also add things manually. In order for a friendship to be added, both people must confirm the friendship. Once a friendship has been confirmed, two people can see each other's personal profiles. This can be customised on a later date. You should not aim to befriend readers unless you know them well, as befriending may give them access to personal information about you.

Gather fans

A fan is different from a friend it that it's a one-way connection. Your fans can see anything you post on your author page, but without sharing any information with you. A fan cannot see your personal profile.

There are many ways to attract Facebook fans. Firstly, you can invite people to follow you using tools within Facebook. You can also include 'Follow on Facebook' links to your blog or website. Some people like to put social networking links in the back of their books.