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A Man's Partner by Walter Marks

A Man's Partner

by walter marks

Jericho's former partner, Mickey “Mouse'' Davis, with whom he worked in NYPD Homicide, is found dead in his car —killed by a single gunshot fired into his mouth. A handwritten suicide note is discovered beside him. NYPD declares Mouse's death a suicide, but Jericho has his doubts. He leaves East Hampton and goes into the city to investigate. The New York cops tell Jericho to stay out of it, so Jericho must try to solve this...

Amazing Detective  by Walter Marks

Amazing Detective

by walter marks

Praised by the East Hampton Star as an “amazing detective' for his expertise in investigation, Jericho is hard-pressed to live up to his reputation, by two separate cases. One is a homicide, involving a corpse found buried near a hiking trail in Montauk. The other deals with the complex interactions of competing sinister and violent drug cartels. Jericho comes face to face with homicide, gang wars, human trafficking, immigration...

Dangerous Behavior by Walter Marks

Dangerous Behavior

by walter marks

After fifteen years in solitary confinement, Victor Thomas Janko—the notorious Baby Carriage Killer—has become eligible for parole. And it is up to Dr. David Rothberg, the new prison psychiatrist, to determine whether Janko should be released.

Death Hampton (Detective Jericho Series Book 1) by Walter Marks

Death Hampton
(Detective Jericho Series Book 1)

by walter marks

Burnt out after years of working violent cases in East Harlem, Detective Neil Jericho transfers to peaceful East Hampton. But after the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy real estate developer, Jericho is caught in a web of intrigue and lies centering around Susannah Cascadden, the missing man's beautiful wife.

The Battle of Jericho (The Detective Jericho Series Book 2) by Walter Marks

The Battle of Jericho
(The Detective Jericho Series Book 2)

by walter marks

When a disembodied foot is washed up on the beach, East Hampton Detective Jericho is joined by rookie cop Maria Cruz. This grotesque discovery leads them on a twisty and violent investigation, involving a possible serial killer, sex trafficking, Russian mobsters, and the conflict between rich Hamptonites and undocumented immigrants. This is the sequel of "Death Hampton", introducing Detective Jericho.

The Hated (The Detective Jericho series Book 3) by Walter Marks

The Hated
(The Detective Jericho series Book 3)

by walter marks

A dead body is discovered on a beach. Across his forehead, scrawled with a felt pen, are the numbers 6-8-8-6. This mysterious clue leads Detective Jericho into the subculture of Hate, where violent crimes are committed with impunity, vicious gangs and secret organizations flourish, and disloyalty is punished by death. Has the murdered man fallen victim to these racist hate mongers? Or is it?

Tumbling Down: A Detective Jericho Novel (Detective Jericho series Book 6) by Walter Marks

Tumbling Down: A Detective Jericho Novel
(Detective Jericho series Book 6)

by walter marks

Book 6 novel in the Detective Jericho series — a murder in the LGBTQ community of East Hampton, NY.

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