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Shiulie Ghosh


TV presenter and author of young adult fiction. As a journalist I've worked for national and international broadcasters including BBC, ITN and Al Jazeera. As a writer, I draw heavily on my half-Indian background and knowledge of Hindu mythology to create urban fantasy with a diverse twist. Author of the 'Daughter of Kali' trilogy and other paranormal/fantasy adventures

Latest Drabble

The Bet

The two men travelled the world. They saw war, famine, rape, poverty, racism, and indifference. "So what do you think, Lu?" asked the white-haired man. "I think it’s pretty obvious, Big G. You failed. I win." "It's my fault," said the white-haired man miserably. "I should have created them with more compassion and less ego." "You did the best you could." "Give me another ten years, Lucifer. Things will change, I know it.” The red-haired man shrugged. The world was going to hell, another decade wouldn't hurt. "Okay. The bet’s on for another decade.” The two shook hands, and vanished.

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14.05.2019 20:28

Shiulie Ghosh likes Daughter of Kali: Awakening (book 1) by Shiulie Ghosh.

Daughter of...

Daughter of Kali: Awakening (book 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.