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Shane Wesley Shelton


Started writing about nine years back while in a fit of depression (yes, state of mind may have colored things a bit darkly - but that's life isn't it). Years later, and have a much better job now, but still writing as my personal escape and pastime, and still enjoying bringing life to the friends I find in the stories I write. If you'd like the full story with the who's and hows and might like to see the rest of the books I've written please visit my personal...

Believing Magic...

Believing Magic (Believing Magic Series) was featured in the daily newsletter.

10.11.2017 16:46

Posted in the thread "Continue" button inactive

Worked perfectly this time! Thanks again.

10.11.2017 16:41

Posted in the thread "Continue" button inactive

lol. did not know that was how it was done there. Thanks Rosen! I'll give this another go.

09.11.2017 19:40

Posted in the thread "Continue" button inactive

Yes - Im in the US. Florida, so eastern time zone. For the dates how should it be entered? dd/mm/yyyy - I put in 11/14/2017 to 11/18/2017

08.11.2017 16:43

Posted in the thread "Continue" button inactive


not sure if this is exactly the right forum for my issue but I hope it is. I'm trying to submit a book, and I'm getting stopped at the date submission page. Tried it every way I can thing to submit and it kicks out every time....