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Rosen Trevithick

British Author of Humorous and Psychological Fiction For Children and Adults

Rosen was born in Cornwall and grew up on Restronguet Creek. She studied Experimental Psychology at St Catherine's College, Oxford, before moving back to the West Country. She now lives in Falmouth with two imaginary cats, fantasising about getting a real one.

In 2011 Rosen was an aspiring author. Writing was a hobby. The following January sales of her Kindle books took off. Her total download count is now approaching quarter of a million.

Rosen has a variety of books in print...

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Latest Drabble

The Bureau

“I’ve had to wait for three hours in this waiting room, next to a woman who, frankly, smells as though she hasn’t washed for a week. “Furthermore, why are you blind? You’re a receptionist, for goodness sake. What kind of organisation makes somebody who can’t see the first point of contact? “Don’t get me started on the parking. I had to walk half a mile just to get here. Half a mile, only to sit in a room with paint peeling off the walls.” “Sir, please remember that we’re a charity, run by volunteers.” “You served me on time yesterday.”


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Posted in the thread
03.07.2018 09:58

Posted in the thread ASIN not recognized

Amazon limits the number of times we can pull data from their site. So we probably reached our limit. Admittedly, we could do with some more helpful error messages.

Posted in the thread
28.06.2018 11:44

Posted in the thread Please explain editor link

If they are books that were previously traditionally published, you can link to the publishing house that provided the editor. If it's new work that hasn't been professionally edited, then you would need to get them profesionally edited just...

Posted in the thread
24.05.2018 10:08

Posted in the thread Please explain editor link

The link is for a third-party editor. If your book is self-edited, it is unlikely to be featured.

Posted in the thread
01.05.2018 10:12

Posted in the thread Submitting a book again

If it's not been featured, the 90 days shouldn't apply.

Posted in the thread
01.05.2018 10:11

Posted in the thread RUNNER-book submission

We compile the newsletter the morning it's sent out, so I we don't plan features in advance.

Posted in the thread
15.04.2018 12:05

Posted in the thread Feature not working

Thank you for your interest in I'm afraid we can't provide any feedback on why individual books were not chosen.

Smelly Trolls...

Smelly Trolls - The Gamebook was featured in the daily newsletter.

The Troll Trap...

The Troll Trap (Smelly Trolls Book 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.

Posted in the thread
09.04.2018 17:17

Posted in the thread Professional editor and requesting a feature

Drop us an email and I'll give you instructions on how to proceed.

Posted in the thread
03.04.2018 19:01

Posted in the thread new boy problems

Hmm... Not sure what's going on with that profile. Please allow me some time to look into it.

To request a feature, please go to 'Author Tools' -> 'Request a Feature'.

Posted in the thread
26.03.2018 11:31

Posted in the thread Submitting a book again

As long as you wait 90 days, that should be fine. Thanks for checking.

Posted in the thread
17.03.2018 11:36

Posted in the thread New cover image not found

As far as I can tell, the current cover listed on matches the cover on Amazon. Has the issue resolved itself?

Posted in the thread
16.02.2018 11:28

Posted in the thread Professional editor without a web link

I can see we have an email thread about this open now, so I'll respond using that. I need a little more time to explore the problem, please.

Rosen Trevithick likes the drabble
08.02.2018 11:23

Rosen Trevithick likes the drabble Out and In by Jonathan Hill.

Posted in the thread
03.02.2018 12:45

Posted in the thread Welcome

Welcome to the forum. We're mostly a daily newsletter service. The forum's here primarily to support that.

Posted in the thread
03.02.2018 01:17

Posted in the thread My Drabbles

I've just had a thought: if what you want is an environment where you can get feedback on your work, you could try a forum like KUF. It's much more geared towards...

Posted in the thread
02.02.2018 11:06

Posted in the thread My Drabbles

We don't seem to be able to win whatever we do, if we notify people that work has been deleted, we get essay-length emails informing as that we've made a terrible mistake and know nothing about literature. If we don't, we get criticism like...

Posted in the thread
01.02.2018 15:49

Posted in the thread My Drabbles

Due to an enormous amount of unnecessary abuse when drabbles and books aren't selected for the newsletter, I've had to stop giving people individual feedback about decisions.

Posted in the thread
30.01.2018 10:33

Posted in the thread My Drabbles

I spoke to some of the people who moderate drabbles and a small number weren't approved for publication. Those get removed. Perhaps some of those were the ones you submitted?

Posted in the thread
22.01.2018 11:16

Posted in the thread My Drabbles

I can see one drabble on your page. How many were you expecting?

Is it possible that you have more...

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