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Rick Haynes

If you are healthy and happy then you are very rich indeed!

I was born way back before time meant anything. One zillion reincarnations later I think I know who I am, but I am open to a second opinion.

My passion is to write for your pleasure.

So do buy my books.

Read the stories.

And jump into the world of my imagination...


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Latest Drabble

A Trip To Remember

“What do you think of day trippers?' “I love them, don’t you?' “Sometimes they’re okay, but talk about noisy. Only yesterday a family of eight turned up on the beach right next to the pier.' “And?' “The kids were screaming at each other and their parents did nothing.' “It’s your favourite spot as well.' “I know. But how could I make them move away from the ice cream man?' “Difficult question. So what did you do?' “Once I thought about the problem, it was easy. I nicked an ice cream and dumped my poo over them as I soared overhead.'


Rosen Trevithick
Posted in the thread
04.01.2018 14:52

Posted in the thread review

Just like old times. The girl seeks adventure and disappears into the pages of the book. Methinks Adrienne you could continue the tale with another drabble or even a few more. Nice one. Rick

Rick Haynes likes the drabble
04.01.2018 14:49

Rick Haynes likes the drabble Grandpa's Library by Adrienne Ferguson.

Posted in the thread
25.11.2017 14:20

Posted in the thread Sew good is good

A neat ending, Anne. Well done.

Historic drabble likes were imported from...
30.06.2016 19:45

Historic drabble likes were imported from Facebook including

Reindeer Games by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Ghost Writer by Bryan Thomas
The Prisoner by Kath Middleton
The Lake by Jonathan Hill

Rick Haynes likes the drabble
22.08.2015 17:43

Rick Haynes likes the drabble The Monkey by Nav Logan.

22.07.2015 15:43

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