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All's Hell That Ends Hell by Richard Martinus

All's Hell That Ends Hell

by Richard Martinus

Sam and Clive are good friends. Dead good friends. In fact, good friends who are dead. After spending some time in a temporary Hell here on Earth (the official eternal repositories having run out of space to accommodate new souls), each finds a way to fight back. With the help of his resourceful but insecure girlfriend Joy, Sam enlists as an agency demon so that he can better the lot of those around him, whilst falsifying his paperwork...

Death, I've Found Your Sting by Richard Martinus

Death, I've Found Your Sting

by Richard Martinus, Richard Martinus

Clive Wildgoose believes he's going through Hell on Earth – literally. He's dead, and he's suffering an endless series of bargain-basement torments dreamt up by some modern-day version of Hell based right here on Earth: no effort appears to have been made to segregate the living from the dead. With the help of his friend Sam Tillotson he's determined to escape to a better afterlife, or at least gum up the works of his present one so...

Enraptured by Richard Martinus


by Richard Martinus

The Apocalypse may or may not be around the corner, but the lamias of Nether Parts Punishments, Afterlife Services England & Wales (Hell), have a more serious problem to deal with. The delivery of twenty-eight unruly souls to the wrong address – viz, their office – and the subsequent overly energetic castigation of said souls by an unsupervised young demon on secondment, could lead to them facing one of the ultimate horrors the...

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