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Rani Ramakrishnan


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Lethal Acoustics (The Quack House Series) by Rani Ramakrishnan

Lethal Acoustics
(The Quack House Series)

by Rani Ramakrishnan

Everybody heard the mysterious noises. Nobody imagined their sinister purpose.

Manju created history of sorts when she set up The Quack House, a place that offered to listen to anything that a person had to say. Some of the things her clients told her made her life exciting beyond her wildest expectations.

The curious noises applied brakes to that happy story.

Quacks, roars, ghost whispers...

The Murder Suspect by Rani Ramakrishnan

The Murder Suspect

by Rani Ramakrishnan

The prime accused in a high-profile murder case—and for good reason. The murder weapon grows in her backyard.

One man who knew all her secrets ends up dead.

She’s the murderer—scream the evidence, the circumstances, and the Inspector of the CBI.

As his net tightens around her, she is desperate to find a way out. Will she escape the clutches of the law or will her karma catch up with her?

She is guilty of many things—but is she a killer?

Twice Blessed  by Rani Ramakrishnan

Twice Blessed

by Rani Ramakrishnan

3 hours!

3 short hours, on the most awaited day of his life!

What horrific incident happened during those hours that changed Sanjeev's destiny, irrevocably?

For her own peace of mind, Tamannah sets off to find out. Oblivious to the catastrophe that awaits her, she inches closer to the truth lurking in the shadows, until; it is too late to beat a retreat and there is no place to hide.

Will she survive this disaster of her own...

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