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Pippa McCathie


Pippa was brought up in Mauritius, moved to Guernsey in the 60s, then to London, Durban, South Wales and back to Guernsey, where she has lived since 1984 with her husband, a singing engineer. In 2020 they plan to move to Hampshire to be nearer their three sons and grandchildren. From 2002 to 2017 she taught creative writing to adults. She had many poems and short stories published and is currently writing a sequel to her first two novels, Murder in the Valleys and Murder at the Old Abbey...

Latest Drabble

Sorting Out the Freezer

Sorting out the freezer is a big job, that’s why I always put it off. The puddings, the stock… Ice creams, they’re fine, but the meat worries me. My next door neighbour says you shouldn’t keep frozen meat too long, and my mother in law is always threatening to come and ‘tidy things up’. I’ll have to have a chuck-out, particularly the legs, the shoulder and those lovely ribs. Could I take them to the dump? Would anyone notice? I wish Paul was here to help. I should have thought of that before I put him in the freezer.


MURDER AT THE OLD ABBEY was featured in the daily newsletter.

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28.11.2018 09:57

Pippa McCathie likes the drabble Sorting Out the Freezer by Pippa McCathie.