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p.d.r. lindsay-salmon


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As a writer p.d.r. lindsay has always preferred historical stories about ordinary people, the ones whose names and lives we don't know much about. Reading the diaries and letters of parsons and farmers, wives and daughters, merchants and tradesmen showed her how the basic human dilemmas do not change over the centuries. She finds that certain human traits, both good and bad, can be better shown through historical stories than through contemporary ones and hopes that readers will think...

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Stickman hated his neighbour. She had laughed at him. She lived without a man. He offered to ‘keep her warm at night’. She laughed at him. Stickman plotted and planned. He stood outside her kitchen window at 8am, rubbing his groin. She laughed at him. He followed her along the boundary fences, keeping on his side, but fouling the air with his mouth. She sneered and laughed at him. He prowled after dark, tried her doors, opened her windows, killed her dog. The police came. They laughed at her. ‘He’s just an old man. He can’t hurt you.’ Stickman laughed.

Tizzie was...

Tizzie was featured in the daily newsletter.

Tizzie was...

Tizzie was featured in the daily newsletter.