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Rebirth of Angels by pdmac

Rebirth of Angels

by pdmac

In a world sharply divided between the corporation and outcasts, Pieter Dwa, once a corporate private investigator, finds himself on the other side of the Cordon walls where societal outcasts are condemned to an abandoned world to fend for themselves. But revenge and justice run deep and Pieter is immediately caught up in a global rebellion to overthrow the corporation before it unleashes a biological holocaust that will destroy half of...

Wolf 359 Complete Series Box Set (Books 1-5) by pdmac

Wolf 359 Complete Series Box Set
(Books 1-5)

by pdmac

This series introduces us to unforgettable characters and a mystery of interstellar proportions. Characters are purposely flawed and meticulously drawn. Beginning with the survivor of a shipwreck in space who has enough quirks to keep you guessing, the story spins its web as Duncan is caught up in the struggles of two medieval warring kingdoms.

Wolf 359: A Once and Future King (Book 3) by pdmac

Wolf 359: A Once and Future King
(Book 3)

by pdmac

Returning from the dead, Duncan reestablishes control as the nation's spiritual leader. Sent south to persuade Alexis and the Kingdom's tarrac to return, he manages instead to drive her farther away, creating a rift between them and in the process, making an enemy – to both himself and Gambria.

With the King believed lost at sea, Queen Guina declares him dead and finally marries Father Konrud, the man she truly loves...

Wolf 359: Queen to Play (Book 2) by pdmac

Wolf 359: Queen to Play
(Book 2)

by pdmac

Book 2 of the Wolf 359 Series. Reveling in the adoration of a nation charmed by their new High Priest, Duncan begins setting the Temple house in order. Unfortunately his contentment is short lived. Failing to account for a paranoid king jealous of this stranger's sway over the people, and an entrenched corruption within the Temple – not to mention a scheming senior prelate furious at being denied the high priesthood – Duncan is...

Wolf 359: The Puppet King (Book 4) by pdmac

Wolf 359: The Puppet King
(Book 4)

by pdmac

Not quite dead as some had hoped, King Diad sits once again on the throne. Discovering his wife married to another, he quite happily divorces her and exiles her from the capital. The once powerful Queen is now relegated to the role as the wife of a mere prelate. However, King Diad is not the same as he once was and soon he is king in name only, for the new Lord Chamberlain has deftly assumed the power behind the throne.

Yet the...

Wolf 359: The Templar Rebellion (Book 5) by pdmac

Wolf 359: The Templar Rebellion
(Book 5)

by pdmac

Book 5 of 5. With the promise of divorcing Pavia, the Council of Lords elects Alric as King of Gambria. But promises are often broken and Pavia finally realizes her life's ambition – she is now Queen of Gambria. Viewing Duncan as a threat, she demands Duncan disband the Templars. When Duncan refuses, she enlists other commandery Lords to punish him.

While her forces assemble to deal with Duncan, Pavia turns her attention to Alexis, for...

Wolf 359 (Book 1) by pd mac

Wolf 359
(Book 1)

by pdmac

The spaceship destroyed, his family murdered, Duncan finds himself stranded on a planet circling Wolf 359. Along with the only other survivor, a beautiful gladiator named Alexis, they encounter a civilization whose past reaches back only 1500 years. Their fortune stumbles from the start when Alexis is immediately forced to fight the nation's berserker who underestimates his opponent, and pays dearly for it. Yet no sooner is she...

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