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Paula Vee


Paula Vee writes drabbles, flash fiction, dark fiction and poetry.

Latest Drabble


Elmo the graveyard attendant wheezed, poised with his chisel above the granite marker.

"Ned? You gonna last 1 more minute until 2014?"

Old Ned groaned on his cot, ready to be dumped into his grave.

"Hurry up.I have a fifth of whiskey and Auld Lang Syne waiting."

"Put 2013."

Elmo chiseled a 3 and stood up to throw Ned into his grave.

Ned choked out more words. "One more thing. Change the name from Ned to Elmo."

Elmo clutched his chest and fell into the damp hole as the clock declared it 2014.

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22.07.2015 15:43

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