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Nicky Blue


Hi, I'm Nicky, I am from Brighton in England. I have a passion for writing dark comedy & sci-fi fiction. Alongside this, I work as a translator on the planet KELT 2Ab in the Andromeda Galaxy. I'm thinking of leaving though, as the commute is killing me. I'm currently working on a series of comic and strange tales about alternative musicians from the 1980s. If you would like some of my work for free, keep updated and have some fun, come and join my reader's list at:...

Latest Drabble

The Apocalypse Is Coming

The Apocalypse Is Coming It’s true, I’ve seen it on TV Rain will turn to fire and robots will hunt people. Everyone's legs will fall off and genetically modified worms will eat your eyes. It will be just like Mad Max. But in real life he will rescue everyone. Nostradamus predicted Mad Max, apparently. Mad Max will save us. The Apocalypse Is Coming It’s on the internet. It’s not a matter of how, just when. With the amount of research that I’ve carried out, I’m sure I’m not wrong. I hope not, I’ve just bought a t-shirt with it on.

Escape From...

Escape From Samsara: (Prophecy Allocation Book 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.