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Nic Drew




There was only sadness in their eyes, as the coffin was gently lowered and Janey's mother cried. There was only sadness in their eyes, as the four of them remembered how inseparable they had been. There was only sadness in their eyes, as they remembered laughing at Janey trying to find a dress that was big enough. There was only sadness in their eyes, as they thought about how they'd tricked Janey into thinking Todd Hunter liked her. There was only sadness in their eyes, as they all remembered unfriending her that time. There was only sadness in their eyes?

Happy Never After

He awoke dead. Again. As always, the remembering started slowly, eventually becoming a stampede. Hundreds of lives over thousands of years, all recalled as vividly as his most recent.

The Arrivals hall was a sea of determined faces. He hadn't seen such numbers since the Shaanxi earthquake. He smiled as he remembered the Jiajing Emperor's favourite concubine and that it was not the earthquake that took his life.

He moved swiftly from Arrivals to Departure. He would dearly love to be in the circus this time, maybe as a juggler. But before the thought was finished, he awoke alive. Again.

Letting It Go

The unicorn, barely a day old, opened its eyes as sunlight hit its tiny face for the first time. Those who were watching didn't see fear, pain or even confusion - they saw determination, they saw a will to survive. And they all shared the same thought - if this gentle creature could overcome being entirely mythical and in no way real, there was hope for them all.

After three months it was ready. They kept telling each other that it was okay, the creature didn't exist, their courage came from within. And with five beats of its wings - it was gone.

Cupcake, An Alan Smithee Drabble

There can be only one, one more customer. As soon he'd be shit out of cupcakes. Bad timing - as outside, that was no moon and mostly customers came out at night, mostly. He needed a bigger bakery. But if he built it, would they come? A guy enters, eyeing a particular set of tills. The guy moves closer, closer - clearly presenting a danger - so he tells him these aren't the cupcakes he's looking for. He's left shaken but undeterred. Some drunks arrive - unsurprising - as my God, the town is full of bars. And like that, the last cupcake was gone.


Fur lined the battlefield, interspersed with the remnants of friendship and joy. The victory had been theirs, but at a price. The three of them that remained began the long climb to their feet. They had cared to the point of exhaustion and then had cared just that little bit more. They began to laugh - but this held no truth, only an acquiescence to their core nature.

On the other side of the great divide a family was walking hand in hand. They were wearing smiles from head to toe, as they gazed at the magical ribbon in the sky.


There would be no more rainbows. With heads bowed, this realisation dawned. They knew what needed to be done, of course they did, it was why they were made after all - but this didn't make it any easier. Never again would they sit around the heart table as a family. But these thoughts were not for now - they needed to be strong and more importantly, they needed to be cheerful.

They patted down their fur, they joined hands and with their symbols aligned - they faced the darkness. For one last time they would show them all how much they cared.


"And in this nothingness was an infinite spider, roaming silently, mechanically and without purpose. From the depths of its bowels came a blinding light (not that there was any 'one' or any 'thing' to blind) and a deafening bang (not that there was any 'one' or any 'thing' to deafen). And then..."

"You've told me this one before. Won't you tell me another story Daddy, one that's even sillier?"

"Of course I will David. How about this one, as it's one your grandad told me when I was your age? In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..."

No Twist At The End

Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey and Doc were dead - he had cut their throats as they slept. Only Sleepy was missing from the scene. He had been restless and had gone for a walk. But this hadn't saved him.

Now for the twist - a twist at the end - a single twist of the knife. At least, that's what the Master had taught him. But he couldn't bring himself to twist - too easy. He thought he heard laughter in the distance, but who'd be laughing? There was no one left. And this was no joke - this was something very, very different. He smiled.