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Michael Cargill


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We Go Again
We Go Again

I'm 35 years old and live amongst the sunny green hills of Surrey in England.

In the three years or so that I've been writing, I've published a number of well-received thrillers, short stories, and historical fiction novels.

Not only that, but my website of satire humour has an ever-growing number of fans -

Latest Drabble

The Bigger Picture

Emily stepped under the railing, and walked across the grass. The ground rumbled beneath her feet.

"Get out of the way, fool woman!" someone shouted.

Emily didn't seem to hear, and remained where she was. She looked up, and saw three large, brown beasts roar past. Somehow, they hadn't seen her.

Two more began charging towards her, and she turned to face them.

This was it; this was what she was here for.

Emily Davison spread her arms out, unfurling a purple banner.

The King's horse was almost upon her.

"Votes for women!" she screamed.

Then her world turned black.

Michael Cargill came first in the

Michael Cargill came first in the 2013 SpaSpa Awards for Best Historical

Michael Cargill came third in the

Michael Cargill came third in the 2012 Indie Book Bargains Awards for Best Crime, Thrillers & Mystery | Stand Alone Title