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Mary Grand


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Behind the Smile by Mary Grand

Behind the Smile

by Mary Grand

An emotionally charged, totally gripping story that will keep you turning the pages late into the night.

Lowri is pregnant, looking forward to a new life with her lover, Simon. But her plans are shattered. She finds herself alone, her face scarred, her future uncertain.

Her estranged husband, Jack, proposes they “settle' for each other, and raise Lowri's unborn child on the Isle of Wight, in the idyllic village of...

Catching the Light by Mary Grand

Catching the Light

by Mary Grand

A compelling and heart warming collection of stories featuring four women with intriguing tales to tell.

Rachel has moved to the Isle of Wight determined to become invisible. Hiding a shameful secret she cultivates a ‘cold polite smile as effective as an electric fence.' However, unexpectedly, into her life comes a loving, crazy, individual: Lottie the cocker spaniel. Everything is about to change..

Free to Be Tegan by Mary Grand

Free to Be Tegan

by Mary Grand

Tegan, aged twenty seven, is cast out of the cult, rejected by her family and the only life she has known. She is vulnerable and naïve but she also has courage and the will to survive. She travels to Wales, to previously unknown relations in the wild Cambrian Mountains.

This is the uplifting story of her journey to find herself and flourish in a world she has been taught to fear and abhor.

Hidden Chapters by Mary Grand

Hidden Chapters

by Mary Grand

Haunted by the death of her brother Aled at Worm's Head, Catrin returns to prepare to sell the family home, accompanied by her adopted Deaf daughter, Bethan. Nobody expects to meet Bethan's birth mother, Elizabeth, who they think is dead. Her arrival sends shock waves through the family. A web of lies and secrets spun by Catrin's father slowly starts to unravel.

Making Changes by Mary Grand

Making Changes

by Mary Grand

Four women making changes that will affect their lives: each story features a woman at a pivotal moment, taking control and finding new strength. In The Key, Ruth asks herself if she is losing her mind as things seem to keep going wrong...In Give and Take Lisa has doubts about her wedding plans..

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