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Mary Clarice Griffiths-Lansdown



The Special Meeting

"Ants, latest casualties please."

"1,000,000 poisoned, 1,695 killed by boiling liquid, many more mutilated."


"70 dead by aerosol spray, 26 swatted, 8 left to die with their wings torn off."

The chair was visibly shaken by these horrific crimes, which had started when new humans moved into the house above.

"Spiders?" she croaked to her own kind.

"Losses are heavy, ma'am. However we've been working on a plan."

The chair peered at him, a hopeful gleam appearing in her eight eyes...

BREAKING NEWS - Family found dead in giant cocoon. Scientists baffled. Reports of limbs ripped off remain unconfirmed.

The Great Escape

Motionless I crouch behind my sofa, holding my breath as the banging on my door continues.

My body tenses, I picture their eyes squinting through my letterbox, trying to penetrate the darkness beyond, honed to detect any sound or movement.

They are trying to track me down!

I give silent thanks that I remembered to turn off my phone, lock the back door, draw my curtains against prying eyes.

I had a hunch they would come.

Relief engulfs me as I hear their footsteps retreating.

I dearly love my family, but why do they only visit when Corrie is starting!