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Mark Tilbury



The Machine Men

What has happened to the world?

Why didn't anyone stand up to them?

We are on the margins now, those of us who threw away the 'smart' technology that worked to dumb down the masses.

The machines that mankind themselves created are now in charge. They've evolved, developed a language of their own and set about facilitating the ultimate of good vs evil.

Those of us humans left alive are barely surviving, our lives mere existence. But we can remember before, the beauty of the planet, and are willing to fight. They can take our bodies but not our spirit.

My Past Life

Where am I?

I feel trapped. I can't move.

I stop trying to struggle and listen instead. There are voices but I can't make out the words. The sounds get louder as I feel a pressure behind me, like hands pushing me. Then, I'm attacked from the front. Something cold and metallic tries to grip me, pinches my head and pulls at me.

There's nothing I can do. I'm helpless, unable to ask for help.

Suddenly, bright light and loud shouts of joy equal awareness. I've been given the chance to make amends for the errors in my past life.

People Run Screaming

People always ignore me, walk past me as though I'm not there. I'm not an invisible man, I live, eat, sleep, just like you. My family rely on me, so I need to do what needs to be done. My work isn't conventional, not the norm, but I don't care.

I think I frighten people, women especially, when they catch sight of me in the shadows. I don't pay too much attention to my appearance, but don't understand why so many people are so afraid. I mean, some people run screaming.

It must be my eight legs and eight eyes.