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Mark Roman


Research scientist living in London with wife and 2 children. Author of sci-fi comedies The Ultimate Inferior Beings and The Worst Man on Mars (written with Corben Duke).

Latest Drabble

And Then There Were...

Three days on this nightmarish island, cut off from the world. Phone lines cut, no power, the castle in darkness. The boat’s not due until Wednesday. Four have been murdered so far, leaving just six. The barrister had her throat slit with a ceremonial sword. The dentist was drowned in the well. The bank manager was found hanging in the stairwell. And this morning, the doctor was poisoned. Screamed a long time before he passed away. Strychnine. Very nasty. Terror grips everyone. Who will be next? No one knows who the killer is. No one so much as suspects me.


Terry Murphy
Ken Magee
The Worst Man on...

The Worst Man on Mars was featured in the daily newsletter.

The Worst Man on...

The Worst Man on Mars was featured in the daily newsletter.

22.07.2015 15:43

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The Ultimate...

The Ultimate Inferior Beings was featured in the daily newsletter.