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Mark Roman


Research scientist living in London with wife and 2 children. Author of sci-fi comedies The Ultimate Inferior Beings and The Worst Man on Mars (written with Corben Duke).

Latest Drabble

A nice new home

Look sharp. Customers! What have we got? Mum, dad, two kids. Promising. Come here. Pick me! Get me outta this filthy tank; I’ll be a faithful, loving pet.

Wow, they’ve chosen me, they’ve chosen me!

Journey’s not much fun, but the house looks grand. Little girl’s all smiles; we’re gonna be great friends.

Mum’s carrying me. I can’t see any fish-tank. We’re headed for a round metal thing. It contains water, but the water’s bubbling and churning and steaming. Something’s not right. If only my claws weren’t strapped shut.

Surely she’s not going to ... No. Wait! You can’t. Aaaaah!


Ken Magee
Terry Murphy
The Worst Man on...

The Worst Man on Mars was featured in the daily newsletter.

The Worst Man on...

The Worst Man on Mars was featured in the daily newsletter.

22.07.2015 15:43

Ken Magee likes Mark Roman

The Ultimate...

The Ultimate Inferior Beings was featured in the daily newsletter.