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Maggie Cobbett


Widely travelled but now firmly rooted back in Yorkshire. Has written many newspaper/magazine stories, articles and even the odd poem. Books include a saga set in France over three time periods, two children's/YA novels, a handbook on writing 'fillers' and three collections of short stories on very different themes. Enjoys reviewing theatrical productions for local groups.

Latest Drabble

Only a Matter of Time

‘I’ve decided,’ quipped the General, ‘to extend the metric system to include time.’ He paused for laughter. None came. Disappointed that his joke had fallen flat, he continued, ‘This means that each minute will have 100 seconds and each hour 100 minutes.’ Silence. ‘Watches will have dials the size of dinner plates and all left sleeves will be widened at the bottom to accommodate them.’ Damn it! Don’t any of them have a sense of humour? The faces before him remained impassive. After all, it wasn’t the maddest scheme he’d come up with and no one wanted to be shot.

31.07.2019 15:50

Posted in the thread Not getting emails

It would be good to know what Rosen has in mind for the future of BookHippo, which has been so useful for readers and writers alike.

Shadows Of The...

Shadows Of The Past: Foreshadowing was featured in the daily newsletter.

Shadows Of The...

Shadows Of The Past was featured in the daily newsletter.

20.04.2019 09:15

Posted in the thread Am I waiting in vain?

That's good to know, Rosen. Thank you for the information.

16.04.2019 14:25

Posted in the thread Am I waiting in vain?

Faith restored! I'm on today's featured author list and over the moon about it. That particular book (Workhouse Orphan) is very close to my heart because it was inspired by someone way back in my family tree; someone I really wish I'd known.


Workhouse Orphan was featured in the daily newsletter.

15.04.2019 20:47

Posted in the thread Am I waiting in vain?

Thank you, RachaelR. I'm not one to give up easily and have already put in another request. Fingers crossed!

14.04.2019 22:54

Posted in the thread Am I waiting in vain?

Thank you for responding, Ann P. I was starting to think that my query had disappeared into a black hole. Writer friends of mine who've been successful on Book Hippo encouraged me to give it a go and, like you, I hope that it isn't in decline.

10.04.2019 14:06

Posted in the thread Am I waiting in vain?

Status updated to 'not featured'. Is it worth trying again? Some feedback would be very much appreciated.

08.04.2019 21:32

Posted in the thread Am I waiting in vain?

As a hopeful newbie to this site, I put in a request over a week ago for a feature and it appears to be still 'pending'. Is this usual or did I make a mistake somewhere along the line?