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Lindsay Wade


Former gold miner in Africa and academic with work trips to lots of god-forsaken mining towns worldwide. Now retired to a sleepy little hamlet in Wales, miles from anything. Especially far from anything to do with mining.

The autobiographical novel got as far as chapter 1, but fell victim to a glass of wine spilled over the lap-top, which turned out to be teetotal (and totally unrecoverable). Now my writing concentrates on short stories, so that I can finish and submit them before I...

Latest Drabble

Flying High

Mabel adored flying. Everything about it seemed magical. The g-forces on take-off always set her tummy aquiver, followed by the serenity of level flight. She would gaze in wonder as familiar landmarks sped by beneath her, and then marvel as new lands unfolded. Landings always carried a frisson of danger, but the worst bit was the long overland drag home afterwards. Still, it was a price worth paying for such adventure. Mabel positively squirmed in pleasurable anticipation of the next time the gardener would pick her up with the other slugs and fling her on to the adjacent allotment.

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