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Linda Gruchy


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Linda writes gritty crime as Linda Gruchy and romance as Linda M Priestley. Her short stories are published in women's magazines as well as Kindle shorts and anthologies.

Linda embraced the principles of intermittent fasting a year ago, and has written a book to supplement Kate Harrison's 5:2 books, explaining some of the science behind healthy eating and exercise in a way that is easily understood.

Latest Drabble

Love of my Life

She hasn't eaten much, again, but then, neither have I. "You go through," I say. "I'll wash up and bring you your coffee." I scrape the remains into the food recycling bin and wash up. When we were young we'd never have dared waste food. There was a war on and it was illegal. I turn the TV on and this hides the sound of her knitting needles. "Gardener's' World?" I ask. She assents silently. Her coffee grows cold.

I took her clothes to the charity shop, yesterday, and call it progress. They say the first year is the worst.

Linda Gruchy came third in the

Linda Gruchy came third in the 2013 SpaSpa Awards for Best Non fiction

5:2 Fasting and...

5:2 Fasting and Fitness Easy Science in Layman's Terms was featured in the daily newsletter.