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L M Lacee



The Longest Drip

Hurry… hurry! Please hurry!

Before she comes and finds out I have been remiss.

Seriously, you do not seem to see the problem here.

She will never forgive me. I cannot go through that again and I am sure you cannot either. The anger, the swearing, the threats to dismember you.

Please hurry!

If she comes in now, she will lose her mind and I will reap the consequences. Which is just not fair.

Please hurry! Can you not do it faster? Why can you not hurry?

Do you not understand what will happen?

Drip faster, coffee maker, drip faster!

Give Me Peace!

Sometimes I lie awake and look out my porthole at the stars. We have been travelling among the black night of space for three months.

It has been weeks since my feet touched the dirt of my home world.

I miss the feel of the wind on my face, but I think I miss the rain the most. The feel of the water soaking my skin, feeling it drench my hair, causing drips to slide under my collar, making me shiver as they crawl down my spine.

Yeah… I miss the rain.

“For goodness’ sake, get out of the shower!'

A Final Farewell

The day was cold and the skies were leaden as we watched the boat slowly move back, away from the dock. Waving a white hankie, my grandmother said her final farewells to my father and grandfather. They saluted goodbye.

“Not long before they come home, dear one,' she told me.

“No, Gran.'

As the boat became a speck on the horizon, we turned and walked away.

“One day they will return and we will be here waiting for them.'

“Yes, Gran.' I sighed. Truly… did everything have to be such a drama? They had only gone fishing for three days!