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L M Lacee


Devouring romantic fantasy from my youth to science-fiction classics from more recent times, my love for romance, books and writing with a passion inspired by the love of inventing new, sometimes epic fantasy stories set in new places that I create them with their own set of unique, strong characters.

Latest Drabble

The Longest Drip

Hurry… hurry! Please hurry! Before she comes and finds out I have been remiss. Seriously, you do not seem to see the problem here. She will never forgive me. I cannot go through that again and I am sure you cannot either. The anger, the swearing, the threats to dismember you. Please hurry! If she comes in now, she will lose her mind and I will reap the consequences. Which is just not fair. Please hurry! Can you not do it faster? Why can you not hurry? Do you not understand what will happen? Drip faster, coffee maker, drip faster!

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08.08.2018 11:21

L M Lacee likes the drabble A Final Farewell by L M Lacee.