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Kim Petersen


Kim Petersen is author of the Millie's Angel series. Millie's Angel follows the story of a girl as she struggles between her mother's abandonment and her father's dark side.

A Stroke of Faith prequels Millie's Angel and tells the tale of Glen's first encounter with the dark force that seeks to instill within him.

Mother of five wonderful children, Kim enjoys balancing family life while working from home and never ceases to find inspiration among the moments...

Latest Drabble

Grave Envy

She imagined the wind catching her long hair and flowing around her like a shimmering dark veil. Her full skirts flouncing in a colourful twirl as she danced and frolicked over luscious green pastures. She felt loved, she was sure. Hers was a happy life, she wanted for nothing. She had felt free and joyous, but she could feel something in her bones as she read the inscription carved in the tombstone. She just knew Amelia Anderson was everything she was not, and she could never pass this grave without feeling a slight pitch of envy knotting in her gut.


Millie's Angel was featured in the daily newsletter.

Kim Petersen likes the drabble
19.04.2017 02:47

Kim Petersen likes the drabble The naughty seat by Ken Magee.


Millie's Angel was featured in the daily newsletter.