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Julie Frayn


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Goody One Shoe by Julie Frayn

Goody One Shoe

by Julie Frayn

When her parents are murdered at the hands of a gun-wielding thug, Billie Fullalove loses a leg. Her Batmanesque beginnings don't turn her into a superhero. Yet. Unable to avenge her parents' murders, she wields a red pen and edits the newspaper to fight evil forces, right wrongs, and bring justice to victims. When criminals start dying, Billie must discover the vigilante's identity before they act out more of her revenge fantasies.

It Isn't Cheating if He's Dead by Julie Frayn

It Isn't Cheating if He's Dead

by Julie Frayn

Jemima Stone's fiancé has been missing for years when his body is finally discovered. As detective Finn Wight tries to find the killer, Jemima meets a homeless man whose secrets could change everything. Can feeding the homeless and finding new love mend a broken heart?

Mazie Baby by Julie Frayn

Mazie Baby

by Julie Frayn

When Mazie Reynolds was a young girl, she believed monsters lived under her bed. Now a grown, married woman, she discovers one sleeps in her bed.

Mazie schemes to save herself and her daughter. Her plan will work, if she can out-maneuver the monster who is a master of manipulation and control. She's got one thing going for her, the one thing she truly owns. Mazie has moxie to the bone. But will it be enough?

Pocketful of Bones by Julie Frayn

Pocketful of Bones

by Julie Frayn

While his mother entertains “dates' in his home, Finnegan MacGillivray finds solace in her garden. When an accident takes the life of a friend, Finnegan buries the evidence and unearths a treasure trove of human remains. Did his house rest atop an ancient burial ground? Or was there a killer tucking him into bed at night?

Romeo is Homeless by Julie Frayn

Romeo is Homeless

by Julie Frayn

Yearning for more than pig slop and hand-me-downs, August Bailey runs away from the farm. But in the big city, reality and fantasy don't mix. When her money runs out, seventeen-year-old Reese rescues her. He has electric eyes, a gentleman's heart—and a heroin addiction. When they fall in love, August wants to save him from his horrid existence. But the truth behind his pain is more than she can bear. Could their love ruin her life?

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