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Jessica Reeves

Indie Fantasy Author

I have had a varied career which means I have met a lot of interesting people. I have never regarded myself as interesting, just interested, which is probably the best way to be. I live in Suffolk, England, quite quietly with a husband, a son who is now taller than me, one rescue dog and four ducks. I love writing, I like getting to know the characters I write about. And like all Storytellers I like to know what others think about my stories. Storytellers are like that, the more who hear...

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Latest Drabble

This is my world!

“It’s my world and you have to pay me to stay in it!” The tramp demanded as he slumped next to a tired looking man wearing a suit. “However, you look a hardworking man with your suit, tie and suitcase bulging with papers. Suppose you support a wife, kids and hell of a mortgage with that there wedding ring?”

“Yep.” The man replied.

“Tell you what.” The tramp looked around for eavesdroppers. “No one supposed to know this but this darn world would fall apart without men like you. You can stay for free.”

“Thanks.” The man smiled.


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