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Jan Hurst-Nicholson


Jan Hurst-Nicholson has written for South African magazines for several years, much of it compiled into ‘Something to Read on the Plane’. Her humorous novel on adapting from Liverpool to Durban, ‘But Can You Drink The Water?’ has been joined by award-winning ‘Leon Chameleon: PI’ children's books, YA ‘Mystery At Ocean Drive’, and the family saga ‘The Breadwinners’, as well as ‘With the Headmaster’s...

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If Only...

Idleness and Mischief were downing pints at their local pub and complaining about the lack of jobs. At a nearby table, Hard Work and Perseverance were in earnest discussion about their next project. Opportunity joined them and offered some ideas, but advised they employ extra staff. Luck arrived and, seeing Idleness and Mischief, she suggested them as likely candidates. But they had been joined by their good friend Misery and were so engrossed in consoling each other that they failed to hear Opportunity calling to them. Luck and Opportunity gave disappointed sighs and simply passed them by as they left.


Tim Zak

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Tim Zak...
22.07.2015 15:43

Tim Zak likes Jan Hurst-Nicholson

But Can You...

But Can You Drink The Water? was featured in the daily newsletter.

But Can You...

But Can You Drink The Water? was featured in the daily newsletter.

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