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James Devo


James Devo was born and raised in South London, from whence he escaped using a mixture of science fiction and fantasy in any medium he could grasp. Over the last few decades, he accidentally became a hardened TV professional and award-winning scriptwriter, developing a grubby sitcom for an American network, shorts shown in dingy English pubs and glittering international film festivals and full-length features with geek favourites attached. He decided to create The Wonder as a novel when...

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Magic Ain't Just For Wizards

Magic ain’t just for wizards. Anyone who can read can peruse a scroll. Own a measuring jug and have access to a flame? Make a potion. What’s the big deal? I’ve been experimenting on my own for years now. Admittedly I have some scars. Mainly from when the cat grew twelve times its normal size and took revenge for the time I locked it out in the rain for eating that bacon. And I wouldn’t call my limp a scar. I’m proud I turned my left leg into a toaster. I like toast. So yeah. Magic ain’t just for wizards.

The Wonder 1:...

The Wonder 1: Blood Red was featured in the daily newsletter.

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11.02.2016 20:37

James Devo likes The Wonder 1: Blood Red by James Devo.