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G J Reilly


By day, G. J. Reilly is a teacher of (mostly) ICT in the South Wales valleys, where he lives with his long suffering wife and 2.4 cats.

Having gained his degree, he spent ten years working in industry, before deciding to change career and head into education.

With an interest in high fantasy, contemporary fantasy and science fiction from a young age, it comes as no surprise that his first work falls into the young adult contemporary fantasy genre.

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I felt like the only one who believed. When the comet passed, astronomers said it was one in a million, but I knew. She was strong; a voice in the crowd that everyone heard. She was bold, kind and outspoken. She preached love and was intolerant of bigotry and violence. And when She claimed that She was the son of God returned, as promised, She was hounded, derided and persecuted. And when they finally killed Her, I knew. I knew that God had returned because He gave us our free will, and with it we denounced His most precious gift.


G J Reilly
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30.06.2016 19:45

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WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? by Alicia Ehrhardt
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Inquisitor (The...

Inquisitor (The Book of Jerrick - Part 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.

22.07.2015 21:34

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Inquisitor (The...

Inquisitor (The Book of Jerrick - Part 1) was featured in the daily newsletter.