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Francine Pascale Messin Merits

10 most prolific

The lotus flower...

In my dream, I was walking with my beloved along the grassy banks of the river.

The dream changed. He was waving goodbye, his boat gliding away. I ran but I couldn't catch up. I fell into the murky waters, weeping so much, I became a lotus flower.

My beloved returned, a raven haired beauty by his side. Demanding, she pointed to me. Unknowingly, he scooped me from the waters. As he held me, he felt a great sadness. Angry, his lover threw me overboard.

My beloved cried in anguish and jumped.

The boat vanished. Only two white lotuses remained...

The voices in my head..

The voices in my head have decided to have a tea party. They really don't care about me, they talk as if I'm not there. What they say is not always very pleasant. One is saying I'm a total waste of space, another is declaiming an endless list of my bad traits, and so on. I'm forced to endure their bitchiness for hours.

A little voice rises to my defense. Immediately, the others join forces.

'kill it, kill it.'' And they do. They are merciless. I scream to make them stop.

I forgot I was on the bus. People stare..

Ditched at the altar...

The snowfall was heavy. Resplendent in her white dress, she didn't feel the cold. Today was the most beautiful day of her life. A second chance at happiness, for her, the misfit. At first, she didn't notice the sombre faces of the guests nor the priest's worried expression.

Then she heard the gossip in the crowd. 'He's not coming... cold feet... doubt.'

One by one, they left. They didn't look back.

She sat, sobbing, on the slippery stairs of the church. There she remained, alone and forgotten, until two wedding bands rolled from her frozen hand onto the glistening snow.

The mermaid

He first saw her on the desolate beach, among the dirty rocks, a beautiful Madonna in distress. She was sobbing quietly, her face in her hands, the fine rain mixed with her tears. He hesitated, feeling loathe to intrude in her grief. He was turning reluctantly when she called out to him:

''Please handsome stranger, will you help me to the sea? I can't stay here, I'll die.'

A great happiness entered his heart. He took her in his arms and when she started singing with her golden voice, he couldn't let go of her.

He was never seen again.

A moment in life

They sat on the bench, two frail figures in the crisp cold of late morning. He put a blanket around her. She patted his arm.

Two yobs came running. I tensed, ready to spring into action, but the old man clutched his walking stick menacingly, ready to defend his belle.

They stayed a while, feeding the ducks, perfectly happy in each other's presence.

I watched, unashamed to stare. The old man winked at me, his wife said 'Enjoy your book, dear' and I smiled, looking in their direction, long after they disappeared.

Longing in my heart for such a love.

The paper knight

Long ago, I drew a knight in a tatty exercise book. He was big, strong and fierce astride his valiant steed. I gave him life in my childish stories. He forever rescued me from the highest towers or the lowest dungeons, slaying terrifying monsters.

I grew up, forgetting my paper knight.

Today, I found my old exercise book. I'm older, true, but not wiser. I started drawing another story, my hero still bold and jealous. Suddenly, I realised that I'd always been looking for him, never finding him in the men in my life. They never really stood a chance.

The gatecrasher

'Please Peter, let me in,' Cathy ran to the gate.

'Oh, it's you again. You're not on the guest list. Invitation only, you know the drill.'

'Please, I beg of you, I'll just take a little peek around and I'll go. I swear.'

'Can't trust you, you might be a spy or a reporter. Now go before I call security.'

'Please Peter, I need to know, the suspense is killing me!'

'Good then, you'll be back with the proper credentials.'

Peter nodded to two burly angels. They dragged Cathy away.

'And it's St Peter to you. Show respect!' shouted Peter.

Misfortune in the park

I was reading in the park when I heard a bow twang. Cupid's arrow hit a guy nearby. He then shot a lovely girl, missed, hitting me instead. Swearing, Cupid aimed again, hitting me again!

'Sorry Lady, it's fate.'

'I'll show you fate,' I growled. I grabbed the nipper, smacked his little round butt hard.

'Should have gone to Specsavers,' I told him.

'But he's a nice guy,' he said.

'Not interested.'


'What?' I snapped

'Perhaps we can try,' said Cupid's other victim, reasonably.

I looked at him, sighed.

'No other choice anyway.'

Cupid's crystalline laugh echoed from above.


What is it with time? when our present is already our past and our future is our present becoming our past. Time is so confusing. No matter how many times I turn the hourglass, time makes a mockery of me.

Tonight, I'm freezing the time. Oh I don't want to go back in time, no, once was enough but I want to engrave in my memory the way you looked at me, as if for the first time. I won't let time erase the souvenir of this moment. It will stay with me for times past, present and future. Eternity.

Goldilocks and the three bears revisited

Goldilocks awoke with a jolt, nose to nose with the three angry bears.

Screaming, she fled at high speed, Baby Bear in hot pursuit.

- Wait for me...

- Why?

- Because they force me to eat porridge every morning. I hate it.

They ran all the way to her house. Her mum was waiting.

- Oh good, you brought a little friend, breakfast is served.

BB saw the sloppy mess in the bowls was porridge.

Yelping, he ran out of the house, back to his. At least his mum's porridge was honeyed.

- BB, wait, I'm coming, I can't take hers either! cried Goldilocks.

Don't grieve alone

It's so hard to smile when you really want to cry. People talk, laugh but you can't concentrate. I've watched you from afar, I know your secret my friend, how you try to hide your troubled heart. Your eyes are a little too shiny, your smile a little bit too lopsided and has a little shiver to it. I know because I've been there too.

Come, rest your head on my shoulder, let the waterfall flow. Don't talk, I don't need to know. Take your time and let go. I'd be a poor friend if I let you grieve alone.


Always together, we even looked alike. People thought us sisters. We decided to hitch-hike to her grandma's funeral. At the last minute, I chickened out though, she said it was ok. Jokingly, she added if I didn't see her on Monday, she'd be dead. We laughed as only eighteen year old can laugh at death.

Monday came and went. No Natalie. I was frantic. On Tuesday, the headmistress called me to her office. A drunk hit and run driver hit Natalie in the fog and she died instantly.

My fault, my lifelong guilt. I should have gone with her.

The well.

Nearing to midnight, the party was dwindling. The guests were leaving. None noticed the little figure crouched outside, shivering with cold.

But the woman knew she was there. Drunk, slurring her words, she thrust a jug into the child's hands.

-'go to the well'.

Knowing the child was terrified of the night, she would beg not to go, gave her sense of power. She felt good.

But the child ran past the vegetable patch, into the fields, fear at heels. Heart pounding, listening to the whispers of the shadows, she found them less evil than what was waiting for her.

The artist...

A misfit. It's what she is. How could she have been so presumptuous thinking she could walk among them?

Her head is aching. People using words she doesn't understand comment on her work. She is a non entity, the new comer trying to break through.

She looks around for a friendly face. Finds none. Tonight she'll destroy her paintings. It was a stupid idea. A failure

Later, a forlorn silhouette can be seen at the Art Gallery. She looks at her dreams, going up in flames. When the police arrives, she follows, the box of matches still in her hand.

The storm...

The day goes black without warning. A storm is brewing. I can feel its violence bubbling, ready to destroy everything in its path. The wind is gathering momentum, ripping apart all what's in its wake. I taste its lust for death. Such a raging storm hasn't been seen in my hopeless monochrome world for ages.

This is my storm, birthing in my mind. You, people will be safe from it but I've to find my anchor fast or I'll be swept along not knowing where I'll end up. Perhaps a little closer to the edge. Perhaps too close this time.

Escape to safety.

Their putrid odour filled the air. They felt she was there, taking cover behind the wall. They advanced, their mechanical gait slow and assured. They knew she couldn't escape.

She risked a little peep to where her husband was crouching. They got separated earlier. He was safe, away from the threat.

She smiled fondly. Her dear beloved husband, always kind, reliable, always saying he would die for her.

Well, now was the time to prove it. She picked a pebble and threw it in his direction.

The zombies made a swift U-turn while she made her dash to safety.

The last unicorn...

They say I am the last of my kind. My race is extinct. I belong to legends of old. I don't exist.

Not so true. We lurk in the shadows, we're always present in the mind of those with a vivid imagination.

People say I can't be seen but they also say that I am the most beautiful of creatures, which I agree fully.

I am alive and kicking. People wake up to the 21st century. No wonder you think unicorns don't exist if only virgins can see us, but Molly and Schmendrick knew... because they were pure at heart.

The sea...

Midnight. Alone, I stand on the beach, bare feet playing with the sand. I've always loved the sea from dry land.

Tonight, the sea is calm. Moonbeams reflecting on its surface hardly ripple. They make a silver bridge till the eye can't see. I once wished to walk that bridge, to lose myself in the horizon. I've learned since I can't.

The sea is calm. Make no mistake, it's deceiving. Under its smooth surface, monsters and demons are lurking, never sleeping. They'll rip you apart when you least expect it.

Tonight, peace eludes me for I am like the sea.

My sweetheart asked me ...

Today, my sweetheart asked if he could see my treasures. I hitched up my skirts, ran into the barn, beckoning him. I've never seen him run faster, oh my, he was eager.

I dug up the old box where I kept all my childhood keepsakes. My first story book, an old doll, even my ballet shoes. He looked at me confused when I put everything back and said it's time for tea.

I knew what my sweetheart wanted, but my Pa and Ma raised me proper. If he wants my treasures, he'll have to put a ring on my finger.

The difference

I am very different from the rest of my family.

It started with odd little things, like being scared of the dark, liking the warmth of the sun or playing with the girl next door.

I shouldn't bring Kathy along as it is strictly clan celebration tonight. It could be dangerous for her.

But I never had a friend. And she knows my secret.

We giggle as she glues a pair of false canines, slips into my clothes to mask her scent, we reckon it's the first time a non vampire will attend a vampire's birthday party.

BFF for life.

The Litte Alien and the Sun God

Humans have no understanding of us, Aliens.

They think of us as lizards or strange entities. But the race of my people is no different from the race of Man. We live, we love too.

When my father's spaceship was lost on Earth leaving me behind, I was saved by following this planet's most radiant star, a giant of a man, larger than the Universe.

I was a queen among my father's people, yet I live a life of oblivion and devotion at the feet of my Sun-God. I sometimes look at the sky but I have no regrets.


Little Suzy came back from school very upset.

'Shelly's mum has gone away with another daddy. Are you going to run away with another daddy too? You and Daddy always fight'.

She doesn't know what to say and feels bad that her little girl heard the endless arguments.

She scooped her in her arms, hugging her tightly, saying: 'I promise, I'll never leave you'.

Suzy smiles for the first time. 'Thank you Mummy, I love you. You never break a promise.'

She looks at her daughter.

No, she wouldn't break her promise, she would take her daughter with her, always.

The English lesson

'Sometimes, it's ok to push the boundaries' he said. I was not sure what he meant. I've always played safe, been the good girl. So, I asked my best friend.

I push open his bedroom window and let myself in silently. On the bedside table, I lay silk ribbons, chiffon scarves, handcuffs and a riding crop. I unpin my hair, let it cascade down upon my shoulders. I slither between the satin sheets, clad in nothing more than l'Air du Temps. I'll wait for his return and surprise him. Tonight, I will learn at last what pushing the boundaries means.

The race

I have practised for months and it is really paying now. My feet are hardly touching the ground, the asphalt is a blur. I have left them all to bite the dust. My friends, my teachers are cheering me. They never believed I could do it. But all of a sudden, I stumble and fall. The crowd gasps in horror as I try to get up, I am still the first. But my ankle is broken. With tears of rage and pain, I watch my nemesis, that snob of Cecilia in year 11, tearing the finish line, sneering at me.

Sleeping Beauty revisited - A modern tale.

The hundred years were coming to a close. The spell on the Sleeping Princess was weakening. Prince Charming knew his timing was excellent. He started to hack at the thick thorns of the enchanted forest, cutting a path to the entrance of the palace. He would be at the Princess' side just before sunrise.

He flew the stairs to the highest tower, knelt before the Princess and kissed her chastely on the lips.

The Princess woke up:

'5.00 am? You're bit keen, aren't you? I never wake up before twelve. Come back later.'

On this, she went back to sleep.

Life had other plans

Remember when we were children? At five, you were just one year older but you were already my knight in shining armour. We shared a first kiss at eight, well, it was bit sloppy, but we were trying. We were holding hands at twelve, and at sixteen, it was you and I against the whole world. You and I always forever.

Then you left for the big city. You said to choose my wedding dress, we'll marry in the spring.

The dress has yellowed with time, my hair has become silver, you never came back but I've never forgotten you.

Unconventional education

An orphan, I've been brought up by my grand-parents. You could say they were 'avant-garde'. They didn't send me to school, they had no faith in establishments. Instead, they home-schooled me.

Believe me, I would have rather gone to school. They were hard task masters. But they taught me everything I needed to succeed and live the good life. Except I haven't been paying attention all the time.

As police cars screech to a halt, sirens blazing, I crouch behind a chimney on the roof of the elegant mansion, cursing myself for having missed these infrared beams.

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned...

Jane had enough. She caught her husband cheating, again!

Time to take action.

She enticed him to a rendez-vous with the promise of a hot, sticky night. To celebrate their ten year anniversary.

Before playfully tying him up to the iron bed and blindfolded him, she handed him a brandy with 10 crushed sleeping pills. He thought it tasted bitter but she said it was the aphrodisiac in it. As he nodded off, she removed his boxer shorts, and reached for a tube of industrial strength super glue.

What she did with it, I leave it to your imagination.

The Missing Toddler

I was paying the cashier when I realised my toddler was gone.

My heart stopped. For a few seconds before panic set in. I ran up and down the aisles, calling his name, bumping into people like a crazed woman asking if they'd seen a little boy in a blue jacket. Customers parted before me and my pain.

Then someone tapped me on the shoulder asking if that little man belonged to me. As I held my son, I mouthed 'Thank you!'

I don't normally fall at men's feet, but I could have kissed the ground where that man walked.

The stalker

I know all that there is to know about her. Her favourite perfume, the way she tilts her head on the side, whom she sees. The way she answers her phone, not talking, just listening. She changed her number many times but it's only to play games. Tonight it's her birthday; I call her. But why is her phone ringing in my room? The light comes on, she's here, the barrel of a gun trained on me.

She fires. My knee cap explodes and I howl with pain.

'Pay back time,' she says.

It's going to be a long night.

Where the angels fly...

I know I'm selfish, I shouldn't be sad.

You're going where the angels fly, no more pain, you'll be free.

But as I hold you one last time, I remember that first time, you were so tiny and vulnerable, they told me you'd be extra special and I cry.

For you, I'd sell my soul, how I wish I was the one lying on that bed.

Don't go where I can't reach you, don't go where I can't hold you any more. Please stay with me just a little longer.

I love you my child, sleep well. Don't be cold.

Dark thoughts collection - Paranoia

They are all around me. I hear them whisper, pointing at me. They never stop. They watch my every move. They invade my sleep, I have no peace. I don't go out anymore, I find no safety in crowds. I can't sleep, I'm exhausted. I don't bother to wash or to dress. Curled up in a ball in a corner of my room, I take the last puff of my cigarette, drag the last of the stale wine and look up the rope dangling from the ceiling.

As I pull the noose tightly around my neck, they watch, silent vigils.

The Love Collection - Take no more

Once upon a time, I looked up to you. Any little scrap of kindness would sustain me for months in an abject state of submission. I was yours to use, body and soul. But no more. As I drag you and lift you into the bath, I run it as I've always done. Then I make some pretty little cuts on your wrists and watch, fascinated, as the water turns to ruby red and your life ebbs away. The Valium in your food has worked well.

I close your eyes and I close the door, free from you at last.

The bridge

Between Heaven and Hell, there's a bridge, thinner than a thread, sharper than a blade. To redeem my wretched soul, I have to cross it. Inch by inch, bloodied hands and knees shredded to the bone, I crawl painfully towards Paradise. All around me the cool breezes of Paradise and the raging fires of Hell fight. Demons are jeering me, their prey escaping. The Angels reach out and pull me to safety, But my slippery wrist escapes their grasp. As I start my long descent into the furnace, the last thing I see is their dismayed faces, full of tears.

Dark thoughts collection - Madness

Am I losing my mind? I always hear two voices, they are real, they speak to me. One is the bully, dark, always tells me to do things that I don't want to do. The other voice, softer, is my friend. Preventing me from madness. The dark voice invades my mind, hurts me because as long as I can hear the other voice, it knows I won't go over the edge. But this morning, my friendly voice has been strangely silent. And for many long hours, I can feel the abyss pulling me in. Slowly but surely, I'll go mad.

The bride...

She looked so delicate, all dressed in white, surrounded by a glistening frost. Beautiful in her sleep, perhaps a little pale due to the morning cold. He spread a few apple blossoms in her golden hair . She loved apple blossoms. As he did that, he felt love rise in his chest. His bride. He still wondered that she could love him. Him, the pariah, the one people pointed the finger at. But she was his now and no one would steal her from him. Never! He kissed her cold lips and closed the lid of the deep freezer chest.

The love collection - And then you came...

I used to feel like Cinderella, always the one left behind, always the one never taken to the ball. I was left all alone and afraid, sitting by the dying fire, thinking how I would love to fly, how I would escape on a big ship.

But time has broken my wings, I never flew anywhere, my boat has never left the port, the fire has died and I stayed again alone and cold.

But one day you came and your smile warmed my world. I'm the belle of the ball and my life with you is a long dance.

Little Red Riding Hood revisited - A modern tale

Little Red Riding Hood was skipping along the path to her Grandma's house when she encountered Big Bad Wolfie.

'I was hoping to meet you, I have a business proposition'' said she, whispering in his attentive ears.

Wolfie ran all the way to Grandma's house. When Little Red arrived, she asked:

'Have you done it, did you eat the old lady?'

'Of course', answered Wolfie.

On this, Little Red went to the safe, hacked the combination, took out a wad of notes, paid Wolfie, then with the envelope containing Grandma's will she skipped along the path to the solicitor's office.

Rumpelstiltskin revisited - A modern tale

It was the end of the three days given to the Queen to guess his name. The little conman presented himself to the Queen's apartments.

'Come on, I don't have all night. Guess my name or surrender the child', he said, swaggering into the room.

The Queen, confident she knew his name played little games of ignorance. But when she saw he was loosing patience, she cried triumphantly: 'Rumpelstiltskin'.

The little man grinned, sighed and shook his head:'So easily deceived, my Queen, haven't you heard I changed my name by deed poll?''

On this, he grabbed her child and disappeared.

The Love collection : The wrong love story

He squeezes her hand and let her go. Tears running down her face, she turns one last time, sadly mouths 'I love you'', disappearing in the crowd. His gaze follows her as long as he can. Last night, for the first and last time, they came together, two soul mates that have no right to be together. Made for one another, fate played a dirty trick on them, they met too late. Their lives belong to others.

With a heavy heart, he picks up his car keys, slowly makes his way home, knowing he's walking to the wrong love story.

Why oh why?

Why oh why, is it true what they say, that men prefer blondes?

So unfair.

What say you about us lively brunettes or the fiery redheads with emerald eyes? We can also dance all night and well past the first light in the sky.

Don't forget to write us a song, we are as much fun as all the blondies, and if you give us a chance, you'll find us as sweet as candy and we'll lead you in a merry dance.

And when you lie down, exhausted, in the morning dew, you won't know dark from red or gold.

Snow White Revisited - A Modern Tale

'My daughter, a runaway sleeping in seven men's bed at once?''. 'But Sire,' Snow White protested, 'their beds were tiny, it's not how it looks.'' 'Silence', boomed the King. 'Prince Charming has just withdrawn his offer of marriage.!'' Silently, Snow White thanked the Gods. P.C was the reason she ran away. She took the shiniest apple from her basket , presented it to the King. 'Please Sire, accept this token of my remorse'. The King, pleased, bit the apple and dropped dead. Snow White flipped her mobile phone and said 'Grumpy, stop moaning. Tell the others I am coming home'.