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France .


Latest Drabble

The lotus flower...

In my dream, I was walking with my beloved along the grassy banks of the river.

The dream changed. He was waving goodbye, his boat gliding away. I ran but I couldn't catch up. I fell into the murky waters, weeping so much, I became a lotus flower.

My beloved returned, a raven haired beauty by his side. Demanding, she pointed to me. Unknowingly, he scooped me from the waters. As he held me, he felt a great sadness. Angry, his lover threw me overboard.

My beloved cried in anguish and jumped.

The boat vanished. Only two white lotuses remained...


Elizabeth Woodham
Matthew Drzymala
22.07.2015 15:43

Elizabeth Woodham likes France .

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22.07.2015 15:43

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