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David Reynolds


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David S Reynolds lives in Tucson Arizona with his lovely wife, a crazy dog, and a demanding cat.

He splits his time between teaching GED classes, taking photos, flying model airplanes, writing short stories, and riding his motorcycles around southern Arizona.

Follow him on Facebook at Renaissance Redneck Media and on the web

Latest Drabble

Hopping Mad

He was found face down in a pool of blood on the floor of his living room. The murder weapon, the victim’s own mallet, was found covered with hair next to him. There were plenty of suspects to question; the deceased had a long history of bopping others on the head. Days later after hundreds of dead ends it was discovered that Mrs. Peter Cottontail had a taste for bad boys and Little Bunny Foo Foo fit the bill. They had been going at it like, well, rabbits. It was all fun and games until her husband found out.


Artie Tobi Margrave
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