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Darren Humphries

Sharing A Fence With The Twilight Zone


I was feeling down

I knew the cause well enough; everyone else seemed to have little helpers perched on their shoulders to offer good advice. Well advice, anyway.

I had nothing, nobody, not even dandruff, on my shoulder.

In desperation, I turned to Oogrle (the supernatural search engine) and there it was –

They were pricey, though. A bit beyond my price range to be honest.

Except ... except.

A lucky bag! Pay a smaller price and take whatever pops out of the bag onto your shoulder.

Well, here goes. Press enter and it says ... Elephant ogre

Oh cra...

The Man From U.N.D.E.A.D. and the Drabble

“You shall not pass!'

The creature stopped roaring. “Really? ‘You shall not pass’? That’s what you’re going with? Don’t you need a beard and flowing robes to pull that one off?'

“You have something better?' I challenged it.

“How about ‘Get ye gone, demonspawn’? A bit old-fashioned maybe, but I like the classics.

“It does have a ring to it,' I allowed. “How about you put down that eight-handed axe and I put down my demon blaster and we discuss it over a cup of tea?'

“Sounds like a plan,' the monster said.

“Sometimes it’s good to talk,' I agreed.