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Darren Humphries

Sharing A Fence With The Twilight Zone

Darren Humphries is English and in his forties.

He is, therefore, a child of the Star Wars era with a corresponding love of science fiction brought about by repeated science fiction movie seasons on BBC2 and, of course, Doctor Who.

As well as being a TV and film science fiction addict since birth (apparently) he has been writing stories since he learned to write, possibly spurred on by placing in a national competition when he was about six years old.

In later years, he...

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Latest Drabble

I was feeling down

I knew the cause well enough; everyone else seemed to have little helpers perched on their shoulders to offer good advice. Well advice, anyway.

I had nothing, nobody, not even dandruff, on my shoulder.

In desperation, I turned to Oogrle (the supernatural search engine) and there it was –

They were pricey, though. A bit beyond my price range to be honest.

Except ... except.

A lucky bag! Pay a smaller price and take whatever pops out of the bag onto your shoulder.

Well, here goes. Press enter and it says ... Elephant ogre

Oh cra...


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Darren Humphries came fourth in the

Darren Humphries came fourth in the 2014 SpaSpa Awards for Best Historical

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Goodnight Dear: The Unsentimental Diary Of A Bereaved Husband was featured in the daily newsletter.

The Man From...

The Man From U.N.D.E.A.D. Trilogy was featured in the daily newsletter.

Darren Humphries came first in the

Darren Humphries came first in the 2012 Indie Book Bargains Awards for Best Non fiction