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Damien J. Nash

An author who really should know better...

My name is Damien and I live in Kent, UK and I am 35 years old. I work in my local hospital blood transfusion laboratory, a job that I enjoy very much. Secretly I want to write full-time.

On 16th September 2012, I published my first novel, Firestone on Amazon for Kindle. I am now working on a sequel called Uprising, which is due out very soon and also another writing project called "London Town.

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Latest Drabble


Here I sit, at home all alone, in perfect silence. The clock on the wall says half past nine, it ticks and tocks, the seconds roll by.

The fridge in the kitchen begins to hum, keeping my milk nice and chilled.

The clock ticks, tocks, ticks again.

Outside the window a bird tweets, singing it's song in the cold crisp air of the winters morn.

The clock ticks, the fridge hums.

My mobile beeps, it makes me jump. A text from my bank. My balance is low.

The clock, the fridge, the bird, my mobile.

Where has the silence gone?


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